Creepy Creams

Discord Guide

International hangout for scoops of any flavour.
The Creepy Creams discord is the place to be the first to find out new developments, meet the team, win prizes and be the first to hear about alpha trading moves in the NFT space.
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Discord Breakdown

Verification & Roles

  • server-verification: this will be the first (and only!) channel you see when you first join, follow the instructions here to prove you’re not a robot to gain full access
  • raid-role: sharing the projects developments over twitter helps every holder, here you can give yourself the Mecha Raider role to be notified when imporant tweets need to be amplified
  • holder-verification: to show off your Creepy Cream NFT horde head to this channel, follow the instructions with the collab land bot to give yourself one of the holder roles below (and a shiny new bade!)

General Information

In this section you can find various announcement channels and rules for the server. This is the first place we announce key developments for the project as well as giveaways to participate in.

The Creamunity

  • main-scoop: this is the main community hangout, share stories and seek advice from our supportive community.
  • holder-chat: holding a Creepy Cream NFT gives you access to this locked chat room. Get to know other investors in the project and suggest ideas for the team.
  • lore: our incredible and ever-evolving story into the history of Creepy Creams.
  • buy-sell-trade: to flip and flop your Creepy Cream horde with other members
  • sales: You get up-to-date OpenSea activity from both collections.
  • sticker-shop: get custom stickers of your NFTs made and delivered to your door!
  • SCOOP FM: where to chat to the community and where the team host regular talks and AMAs.

Insider Scoop Alpha

Owning one Alpha Wave + 2 Mecha Melter NFTs or reaching level 20 in discord gains you access to our Alpha channels. Reach out to a moderator and they will grant you access
Be the first to get whitelisted on other projects, hear about what is about to moon and get insight from some of the biggest traders in the space.

Discord Levels

As you chat in the discord you earn XP and level up through the flavours. Spamming doesn't work as XP is given only for messages every minute.
  • Level 5 = Vanilla
  • Level 10 = Chocolate
  • Level 15 = Pistachio
  • Level 20 = Salted Caramel & Access to the Creepy Creams Alpha channels
  • Level 25 = Moon Scoop