Creepy Creams

Future Collections

Creepy Creams: Baby Scoops

Mecha Melters showed incredible force and drove the Alpha Wave Creepy Creams to the brink of extinction. It was in their darkest hour the Alpha's began to breed, spawning an army of baby Creepy Creams to turn the tides.
Creepy Creams: Baby Scoops will be our first collection fully mintable using $SCOOP. But don't spend it all at once, because to reap the rewards of Baby Scoops they have to be kept alive...

Creepy Creams: Omega Wave

It wasn't enough to simply match the Mecha Melters force, the Creepy Creams needed to destroy them once and for all if they were ever going to achieve their sweet dream of world domination.
Not much is currently known about Omega Creepy Creams. Only that they are bigger, badder and creepier than anything ever seen.

Creepy Creams: Pixl Scoops

What would happen if a Creepy Cream turned 8-bit? Mintable by $SCOOP This retro collection of Pixl Scoops will be one to admire in your wallet.