Creepy Creams

Team behind the Cream

When we first started this journey, one of the fundamentals we agreed on was that the founding team should be fully-doxxed. With that in mind here we are!

Alex Alamri - Co-founder & Operations

Alex is a neurosurgeon-in-training in the NHS, UK and married to his amazing wife with 2 little girls. Alex got into the crypto space in late 2020 and later fell in love with NFTs. He loved the fact that he could buy art that he loved whilst becoming part of a solid and diverse community. He later became a CryptoDads mod and learned a lot about what makes a project successful.
Alex uses his years of experience as a doctor, academic and entrepreneur to oversee the direction and success of Creepy Creams.

Tom Churchill - Co-founder & Artist

Tom is the main artist behind the project and co-founder with Alex. He has been creating ever since he could walk, professionally for the last 10 years. It started with tattoo designs, then posters, logos, websites, animations, medical illustrations and now here we are making mutant ice creams. If you want to follow Tom’s work the best place is Instagram or Twitter. The inspirations for the art come from years of childhood doodles, mixed in with comics and video games of the time. Think Ratchet & Clank thrown together with Jet Set Radio and PvZ with elements of Cartoon Network and Marvel thrown together. It’s a mix only accessible in Tom’s mind.
Outside of being a designer he is a graduate Medical student living in London with our all round administrative badass Lucy.

Mathew Groat - Community Manager

Mathew Groat lives with his wife and 3 kids in Alberta, Canada. The 10 year Journeyman electrician got into crypto in February 2021 and by mid summer he had purchased his first NFT. Shortly after, he found the Creepy Creams and immediately loved the art. He has been dedicated to the community and project ever since. Knowing the potential, he quit the construction industry in late 2021 to focus entirely on NFTs and crypto. Using his experience managing large crews of people as Lead Hand/Sub Foreman he is able to maintain, organise and invigorate the Creepy Creams community.

Dekoningtan - Lead Writer

Gersom from Dekoningtan is an actor and theatre teacher by day (teaching acting as well as technical theatre) and a writer and musician by night. Inspired by mythology, Tolkien, and Sci-Fi, Gersom has been creating stories in his mind for as long as he can remember, but started implementing this skill first within his drama classrooms (through Creative Drama) and now in the NFT space. He is also writing a musical script as well as 100 monologues. Besides this, Gersom loves his family (3 kids and wife) and he loves to make cinematic music. His work can be found on YouTube and Twitter.

Fuego NFT - Development

Fuego NFT is a talented team of devs from across the globe with knowledge and experience in several coding languages and technologies. The team is comprised of 4 lead devs: Solidity, Web3, Unity3D, Python and as many as 12 support devs with well over 20 years combined experience in their respective fields. Currently focused on ERC721 and NFTs in general, we have built the tech stack for many successful (and unsuccessful) NFT projects.
Raj is our finance and legal guru. Currently working for a major Tier 1 Investment Bank, where he is the Global Head of Equity Derivatives Technology with development teams based from New York to Hong Kong. Prior to moving into technology over 15 years ago, he was a Derivatives Trader at a major brokerage firm in the City of London. Raj is interested in applying blockchain technology to the finance sector, so if you have any interesting podcasts or articles related to DeFi, be sure to let him know over on Twitter.

Goose - Trading Consultant

Goose started out fascinated by stock market investing and made the leap into crypto in 2020. He then discovered NFTs in mid-2021 and has never looked back. By day he is an experienced change management professional working for multiple global brands. He is extremely passionate about connecting gaming, cool art and blockchain technology. Goose loves connecting people and is on hand to solve problems, work on the strategy and anything in between.

Lucy Haines - Admin Badass

A master at all things organisation and spreadsheets and partner to Co-founder Tom. Lucy helps out with everything behind the scenes from organising workflow, calculating costs and jumps in to rally the community as a moderator in the Creepy Creams discord.