Creepy Creams

Project Goals & Roadmap

The world of crypto and NFTs can be a daunting place, especially when you first start out. We also know what makes it fun - games, community & ice cream. Our goal is to create a supportive community with play to earn games and the metaverse as the focus, eventually taking over the world with mutant ice cream.

Project Goals

  1. 1.
    Metaverse based play-to-earn games
    Our community is able access the best play-to-earn metaverse land including NFT Worlds, The Sandbox and Netvrk (official partner).
  2. 2.
    Community-powered collecting
    50% of all profits go straight into buying more assets for the community vault.
  3. 3.
    Supporting children’s charities
    Many of our team have families and in some cases children with complex medical needs, so we want to do our best to support children’s charities. Creepy Creams has already donated over $40,000 to Save the Children and will continue to support Children’s charities.
  4. 4.
    Always remain fully doxxed and fully transparent
    Why wouldn't we be?
  5. 5.
    Expanding beyond the metaverse
    The long term vision for Creepy Creams is a globally recognised brand with games, collectibles and merchandise across multiple platforms.

Project Roadmap

Throughout 2021

  • Recruit core team
  • Project creation, marketing and partnerships
  • Launch Creepy Creams: Alpha Wave
  • Donate $20,000 to Save The Children
  • Launch $SCOOP token
  • Alpha Wave staking
  • Launch Creepy Creams: Mecha Melters
  • Purchase metaverse land/assets in NFT Worlds, The Sandbox, Netvrk, Treeverse, Frontier Game.
  • Began developing secret project "Sprinkles"

Q1 2022

  • Expand and solidify core team
  • Continue expanding land owned across the metaverse
  • Source designs & suppliers for merchandise
  • Donate $20,000 to Save The Children
  • The Sandbox community hub build
  • Mecha Melters staking
  • CreamCraft build (NFT Worlds)
  • CreamCraft development (NFT Worlds)
  • CreamCraft launch (NFT Worlds)

Q2 2022

  • The Sandbox development inc. VX models
  • Netvrk model development in Unreal Engine
  • Netvrk land build
  • CreamQuest build (NFT Worlds)
  • [Hidden]
  • CreamQuest development (NFT Worlds)
  • Launch Creepy Creams: Baby Scoops
  • Apparel: Season 1

Q3 2022

  • Added $SCOOP utility
  • CreamQuest launch (NFT Worlds)
  • Secure brand partnerships
  • Launch: Corrupted Mecha Melters
  • Netvrk land build
  • Netvrk MVP launch
  • Launch Creepy Creams: Pixl Scoops

Q4 2022

  • Launch secret project "Sprinkles"
  • [Hidden]
  • [Hidden]
  • [Hidden]
  • Apparel: Season 2

2023 & Beyond

  • Physical collectables
  • Graphic novel kickstarter
  • Brand and art partnerships
  • Develop games on multiple platforms
  • Establish Creepy Creams as a global brand