Creepy Creams

The Sandbox

Prime real-estate and blockchain gaming, seen as industry leading!
We have been fortunate to partner The LandVault who are industry-leading metaverse builders, focusing on The Sandbox. We are leasing a plot on LandVault's Avatar Land as well as owning our own plot of Sandbox land.
AvatarLand is a gathering place for the best avatar projects, built by LandVault on their 6x6 parcel in Sandbox, attached to Zepeto. Think of AvatarLand as a bizarre, irreverent Disneyland in the Metaverse, overrun with your favorite avatars like Creepy Creams.
Part of our community is locked and accessible only to those that hold Creepy Creams and Mecha Melters in their wallet.
VX models for Creepy Creams and Mecha Melters are currently in development!