Creepy Creams

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds are some of the most sought-after metaverse lands. We’ve teamed up with StellarDev, the premier NFT Worlds developer, to create awesome play-to-earn games. Join our vast, beautiful world with the Creepy Creams and Mecha Melters vying for supremacy.
We've made it so that anyone can access our main playable server: CreamCraft. Many games will be open access to the public with prize pots being distributed to the winners of each mini game.
There are also specific mini-games that you can only access and play to earn if you are an Alpha or Mecha holder, providing larger prize pots for those who dare to compete.
The World of CreamCraft

Creepy Creams NFT Worlds acquisitions

At the time of writing this, The Creepy Creams community vault (The Freezer) owns 8 NFT Worlds.