Creepy Creams


Our official Unreal Engine-powered metaverse partner.

NetVRk Synopsis

"NetVRk is about to enter the global virtual reality market in order to provide users with a unique advanced platform that utilizes Virtual Reality (VR) in all aspects. NetVRk focuses extensively upon content-creation tools for users of all levels, immersive social interactions, and multiple ways to monetize VR content by users, advertisers, and businesses. Our set of tools is designed so that any user can create and share new and unique experiences in a matter of minutes. With our platform, the cost of creating content will be drastically reduced, providing users with access to a fast-growing number of experiences."
Mecha Melters... powered by the Unreal Engine (this is a rendering of an actual player model)

Creepy Creams NetVRk Acquisitions

We currently own a Giant land plot in the official partners section of their metaverse, as well as a standard plot for the community to build out in the near future. The Giant land will be used to develop Creepy Creams HQ and a fun play-to-earn game that will represent a tower defence game.